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Tailored learning methods

MicroWorld-Africa offers courses where the teaching method can either be the traditional learning method or Blended learning method,currently only available in our Denmark branch,but will be offered in the nearest future in Nairobi branch.



Certification Manufacturers such as Microsoft ®, Novell ®, Citrix ®, Cisco ®, Oracle ® etc. have developed extensive certification programs for many years that has been internationally recognized.

Certification serves as 


On-site or Off-site training

Microworld Africa offers on-site and off-site trainings. We regularly announce and organize classes at our office in Nairobi which are perfectly suitable for individual learners. In addition to that we are fully capable to organize trainings within your company's premises.


MICROWORLD, du nogensinde behov at opbygge kapacitet af dit team!

Verden af informationsteknologi udfordrer fagfolk til at beherske nyeste teknologier, kan vi informere dig hvordan.

Certifications EMPOWER employees & employers

Certification is the best way to get proven your capabilities as an individual and the company the most credible documentation for companies,supporting their recruiting process. We will take this opportunity to clarify some misconceptions about certifications. We address common myths about certifications below.

Wrong, certified IT professional’s remains typically at least 50% longer in the same workplace. Employees with the appropriate training and the certification has greater satisfaction within his practice and spend less time speculating on alternative future jobs in other companies.

Wrong, an organization with its own IT department may have even more to win than consulting firm, by getting assurance that its employees have the right skills, and can solve firm tasks quicklyand correctly . This increases the business productivity and total expenditure on IT is reduced - including the expenditure on external consultants.

Wrong, the cost of certification is marginal compared to the cost of training .In addition; the prospect of a certification after a course is an important motivational factor for the student, helping the students topass the exam with flyingcolours’. Thusachieves an even higher yield of his education. The money used by the firm to pay for a certificate is often brought back home after the first month, in the form of increased efficiency and employee satisfaction.


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